Steve Volkers, Realtor®, CEO

“When I sit with someone at their dining room table, and we’re talking about their dream home, I genuinely see them for who they are and what they truly want, beyond what they think they need to say they want. This is what I offer my clients and this is what creates a real, long-lasting outcome.”

Fifteen years ago, Steve put his flag in the ground and began his real estate career. Through an economic recession, the rise of blogging, and the discovery and launch of niche marketing, Steve ‘cut his teeth’ on the beginning of 21st-century real estate. Today, he brings together his early lessons learned with his on-the-job experiences. With his passion for negotiating and his love for connectionSteve is a unique find in the real estate industry.

Office Location: 6690 Crossings Dr. SE, Suite B, Grand Rapids
Office Phone Number: 616.284.1528

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