Meet Ty, Lindy & Julie

Learn more about Ty Tanis, Lindy Tanis & Julie Smith (our lending partner at Treadstone Mortgage) in this video series where they give us insight into what makes them the best choice for your real estate needs. Both on the buying and selling as well as the lending side of real estate.

Get to know us

Learn more about Ty, Lindy & Julie and why the choose to work together.

What's your favorite thing about your job?

Ty, Lindy & Julie each discuss why they love what they do and what their favorite aspect is.

What do you love about Riverside Gardens?

Find out why Ty, Lindy & Julie love Grand Rapids' Riverside Gardens neighborhood and why they are experts on this area.

Why do people like working with you?

Learn more about why people like working with this team of professionals

What are the advantages of woking with you?

Learn more about the advantages to be gained when working with a team that has experience working together.

Where does the lender fit into the process

Learn more about where and when a lender fits into the real estate buying process.

Why use a lender and realtor with an established relationship?

Find out why it can be beneficial to use a realtor and lender that have experience working together.

Tell us about a challenging transaction you've recently experienced

Here Ty, Lindy & Julie give us some insight into a challenging transaction and how they dealt with it.

How can we help you in this competitive market?

Many people are experiencing what it's like to miss out on homes in the uber-competitive market, what tools can you bring to the table to help people land an accepted offer?